How I met Johnnie Walker. 

Everything that made them DESPISE YOU,  MISTREAT YOU & REJECT YOU was God’s way of hiding you from the unnecessary people. When God wants to save you from the wrong folk,  He allows you in situations that make them walk away!

● It’s not shame,  but God’s way of hiding you for your DAY OF MANIFESTATION
People who walk out of your life are not in God plan of your glorious future so let them Go……….

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Love is a pit from Hell in disguise. 

​The truth of the matter is.. 

Stop trying to force love. Stop trying to force someone to take an interest in you. Stop wasting your time on people who don’t appreciate your time. Stop putting so much effort into people who don’t give you the same in return. You should wait for the person who calls just to hear your voice.
You should wait for the person who is actually interested in your goals and your dreams, and wants to help you achieve them. You should wait for the person who you can talk to about anything. You should wait for the person who you can laugh and have fun with. You should wait for the person who doesn’t leave it on you to treat all the time. You should wait for the person who actually makes you a part of their day. You should wait for the person who still believes in doing surprises just to see you smile. You should wait for the person who adores you and doesn’t ignore you.
You should wait for the person who is willing to walk with you through your darkest times, when everyone else runs away. Bottom line is, you should wait for the person who actually shows you that they care about you as a person.


Stop the sarcasm and pretence of acting like you love when you’re not. 

Stop tattooing your lovers name on your body when H/She gonna be your next Ex. 

Anyhow, love is a b***h from hell isn’t it? 😂😂😂😝😜
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THE GOOD WOMAN.. (part 1)

Thanks to Mama, 

Well I love beautiful, busty,smart and natural ladies. I’m so crazy about that lady. Yesssss!!! that lady that you crushing on. 😍😍😘😘. I can sweep her of her feet to the point I scare her away. Wait!! What did I just say??!!  😱😱 Alright I’m trippin. 

No lady would want a guy like that, truth be told she’ll freak the hell out and friend zone you. In Swahili/sheng they say, “kuwekwa parking”  or bro zone.”  

” Utabaki tu umekula kwa macho”   but admiring a woman or hot mamacita from far ain’t fun  mbikoz  (because)  it puts you in a world of fantasy. Guys can attest to that. Ooh, I didn’t know that. But now you know. Huh!! ;);) 

Maybe you’re in an event, at school, church, at the gym, library, or just in the hood chilling with yo guy friends and the crush you like casts an eye on you, Aha! What do you do as a man? You blush right? Exactly! but then, you decide to wait for her till she finishes what she was doing believing yourself and your silly instincts that she likes you. Yeah your right, go talk to her even if she to busy having a phony or dress to kill show just do it. Ofcourse ataingia box  (she’s gonna like you instead) after all you did your part.


I leave you with this words below;

A Good Woman is not interested in your Money or Status.. What she wants from you is your Time, Loyalty, Love and Commitment.. It’s just sad Most men don’t seem to understand this simple fact.. 

To be continued.. 


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Being real doesn’t hurt 

I bowed my head, I prayed to GOD to give me a sign and walked out the room as if nothing has happened. Then life spoke to me, yes it spoke to my fragile and contrite heart,  

“I no longer look for the good in people. I search for the real. Because while good is often dressed in fake clothing, real is naked and proud. No matter the scars.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”




Here is the gossip you wanna hear.. Ooh, I’m sorry it was meant for MEN. Ma bad.  

 Girls will always be girls. Today they’ll wake up very confident in you, tomorrow they’ll be insecure about everything. That’s why you find a girl will keep asking ‘do you love me’ coz of stereotyping everyone, you know? If a chic feels insecure, don’t be quick to anger. Sometimes a lady wants proof that you’re there to stay, like sticking by even when she has drama and chilling for her to calm down. That’s a girl for you. And relationships even after marriage will ALWAYS have issues so that, one you can never escape, unless yoh want to remain a bachelor for life.

I’m out. 

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She may be sensitive, sweet and insecure, but her intelligence makes her threatening.
You may not have muscles and a big d*ck, but men will look at you as competition. Hope you getting tha gist. If a woman seems to smart or accomplished, she’s typecast as “non-dating material.” If she’s witty and competitive, she’s viewed as challenging and overbearing. Society has come to teach women that being funny and smart won’t get you dates, but empty heads and shallow hearts.

 Nowadays, whether saved or unsaved Born Again Christian Woman will still play mind games. Men we ain’t gat no tym for that. It’s better we speak our minds or we shall end up being intimidated as losers or good for nothing. Choice is yours. Be smart as a MAN and sweep her off her feet or remain chasing her n pursuing her for the rest of yo life and seeing as a fool as she plays you for another MAN. Remember MEN and Women cheat its a 50-50 thing. That’s the Truth. Be faithful. Trust in God pray as yo searching for Her. Ask God for guidance. Play yo part and let GOD play His role. I’m out..








I can’t go on like this
no wait a minute
this ain’t enough for me
sex is good,sweet and tasty
le me try it
hey son, don’t be impressed with your wisdom
instead,fear the LORD and turn away from evil
But practice makes perfect
this makes me a REAL MAN
c’mon man!!
this ain’t right
it gonna wear you out
pay attention and learn good judgement
for I’am giving you good guidance
learn to be patience
look bro it seems to be all nonsense
my child,don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment
hang on them,
for they will refresh your soul
they are like jewels on a necklace. – Ayoub Job Wafulah

When Life is a Journey..

Happy sweet16!! #HappyNewYear #HappyNew2016. 🙌🙌🙌:):) Resolutions, chasing dreams worth keeping. Ain’t a failure we destined for greatness. Paper chasing even if it doesn’t make sense.

When people play tough, we don’t smile on the mirrors, loose the ones we love the most.. Why because we don’t value what’s placed at the table. Destiny, love, blood, sweat and tears. Reach the finish line. Ain’t faking but still paper chasing.

I’m tired of all this… Ride or die, you die a hero when you remember very well how she “loved” you. No wait.. She didn’t love you she was just using you. Partner in crime. Hell no!!! This is business I mean no friendships when it comes to business. Ooh no,, Tears been ma food all day long. Buying time mourning over someone who doesn’t really care cause of an attitude that won’t be changed.

Step out of abusive relationships or else it becomes a reality that yo wasting yo damn time.

Curvaceous body I liked it. Yeah go gal, twerk some moh, and get naked but at the end, i was worn out. Ask me why, Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh. After all, what shall you profit if you gain the whole world and loose yo soul. Ma soul was empty inside. 😥😥😥😥

Do your best and let GOD do the rest. She might be the One but the answer of the tongue is of the LORD’S. Respect her decisions but later on, gonna regret what a treasure she lost.

It doesn’t seem right in the eyes of GOD when you disobey and live in sin. Punishment and judgment awaits you unless humility bows at the mercy seat. Love and forgiveness washes away.

I suppose I can smile ☺ back to the world. Fruits of repentance. Be good, be nice, forget the ones who hurt you and move on.

Yes indeed life has to move on.

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Apology accepted

How I wish one day the devil could just swallow his stupid and foolish pride and apologize to GOD and then… Life would never be the same again. Paradise pap!

Now what??!!! Huh!!! Look I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was just a minor temptation. She seduced me and I fell for her looks. Uuuuiiiii team mafisi, just her sexy curvaceous body. Damn!!! Now that’s what we call art.

Aaaa… Few days left then we tell 2015 goodbye and not “Hello” to the other side. Oh crap, how could I just forget to say sorry. 😭😭😭😥😥😥:'(

I apologize for all ma mistakes. I was dumb to act that way. Please forgive me. I’m human who is prone to mistakes and failures.

Never again should you repeat the damn thing. You hear me! 😈😈🙅🙅

..Go your sins are forgiven. Sin no more.

Our GOD is merciful and slow to anger. Amen.
Thank You JESUS. :):)😇🙌🙌🙌




Lost en found..

Life has lost its meaning without you.
I’m going far away
I can’t stop thinking bout you
Loooollll!!!! 😁😁😁😁😂😂 lies that we tell. Maybe ataingia box for a coffee date. Nah! 😕 you just wanna fuck right?! C’mon let’s be real.
Holidays holidays holidays! Festive season Santa is here to give away. Xbox outta his closets. Wait, I didn’t mean to hurt you.  Yeah another lie. I dont care, ive had enough. Dont stick yo nose in ma bullshit.

New year resolutions. I’m getting married. Ati what????!!!! You gat be kidding me 😁😁😁😂😂😂. You ain’t even a grown ass gentleman and you talking of marriage??

Son, you gotta work yo ass up. Value more than posses. Who is a woman to you? Who is a wife? Wooooaaah!!! This questions though. Be killing ma vibe. I can’t handle marriage. Phtooo!!! I give up! I give up on women especially ma woman that I love the most.

Wish she could feel how m feeling this shit! Aaaargggghhh!!! Feeling lonely. In the mood.. Kissing, good sex?! What next?!


Ma life is empty inside I can’t anymore. 😥😥😨😥:'(:'(. Somebody help me. If there’s love why pain and struggle? Why the hustle and bustle?

There’s a danger in loving someone to much. Blood, sweat and tears. I loving her but she doesn’t really know.

Time flies, she’s gone gone for good. Another mans meat is another mans…  Yeah, she’s now Married to ma hommie whom we played soccer with.

Damn this life. Hey yo don’t damn this life, yo the cause of all this shit. Yo nasty, yo selfish… You wanna eat that cake alone. Huh, don’t even mind sharing a piece. Oh please, now yo shading em crocs tears haha 😁😁 whose laughing now? Exponential potential.

Bruh, you gotta eat booty like groceries… Brothels watch em shake that ass. Bounce it gal. Yeah so deep that you can easily forget the one you had it last time. Oh, I mean few mins ago. Oh C’mon bro. Don’t tell me you like it.

I fell in love with a stripper. Mm mm… Yummy when you grabbed her ass. Issokey I knew it you’ll change and become a “good boy” congrats ey hommie”  You the best and as matter of fact yo on top of the game.

The thirst is real but you better learn how to talk to a woman nicely.

Hello to the other side… Dad I’m getting married. Sure son I’m proud of you. Amen. May GOD Bless yo marriage. Amen. :mrgreen:😁😁😂😂😂